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Bali Travel Agents List

Are you going to visit Bali? I guess that now you are looking for the accommodation, looking for the best hotel to stay in Bali that best suited with your budget. Besides the hotel to stay, you also need the best travel agent. So you are not only going around without special purpose or destination. Although you are going on your vacation, it doesn’t mean that you do not need to set everything up, right? So, here is Bali travel agents list you can contact before finally spend your precious time here.

This list is completed with the address and phone number you can call. If you want to make a call from your country, you may first read Cell Phone Service in Indonesia and also Indonesia Phone Code.

Maybe they are not the best travel agency, but you can be sure that they will do their best to help you by offering various holiday packages, finding the best hotel in Bali, and taking you to the very best places to visit in Bali. Hope you can enjoy your holiday then…

Here is the Bali travel agents list:

1. PT Bali Discovery Tours
Office: Jl By Pass Ngurah Rai 27 Kompl Pert Sanur Raya Denpasar
Phone: 0361 – 286283

2. PT Bali Butrim
Office: Jl Poppies II Denpasar
Phone: 0361 – 765946

3. PT Alam Pesona Indonesia
Office: Kompl Sudirman Agung Bl B/6 Denpasar
Phone: 0361 – 243243

4. Bali Ekspres
Office: Hotel Bualu Nusa Dua Denpasar
Phone: 0361 – 776498

5. PT Ambhara Dhiptya
Office: Jl Raya Kuta 88-R Ged Ambhara Denpasar
Phone: 0361 – 753778

6. PT Adinda Putri Wahana Sejati
Office: Jl D Tempe 21-A Denpasar
Phone: 0361 – 727349

7. Bali Happy Tour
Office: Jl Poppies I 31 Denpasar
Phone: 0361 – 757176

8. Arwana Tour
Office: Jl Raya Puputan 16 Denpasar
Phone: 0361 – 245387

9. Bali Go
Office: Jl Jend Gatot Subroto Brt 103-D Denpasar
Phone: 0361 – 430739

10. PT Asian Trails Indonesia
Office: Jl By Pass Ngurah Rai 260 Denpasar
Phone: 0361 – 285771

11. PT Avansa Bali Tour & Travel
Office: Jl Nara Kusuma 25 Denpasar
Phone: 0361 – 233101

12. Travel Agung
Office: Jl Benesari Kompl Losmen Cempaka I Denpasar
Phone: 0361 – 758120

13. Bali Bound Holiday
Office: Jl Padma 17 Denpasar
Phone: 0361 – 762468

14. Bali Ekspres
Office: Hotel Bualu Nusa Dua Denpasar
Phone: 0361 – 776498

15. PT Bali Cahaya Tours & Travel
Office: Jl Raya Kediri 101-X Denpasar
Phone: 0361 – 766278

16. PT Asia Koleksi
Office: Jl By Pass Ngurah Rai 9-C-D Denpasar
Phone: 0361 – 764366

17. Bali Daksina Wisata Tour
Office: Jl HOS Cokroaminoto 145 Denpasar
Phone: 0361 – 427594

18. Bali Hero
Office: Jl Padma Puspasari Denpasar
Phone: 0361 – 752016

19. PT Adya Wisata
Office: Jl Buni Sari 26 Denpasar
Phone: 0361 – 755691

20. Arema
Office: Jl Raya Kuta 115 Denpasar
Phone: 0361 – 752940

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