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Malang Tempo Doeloe VI 2011

Malang Tempo Doeloe VI 2011 is going to be held on this May 19-22, 2011. The Inggil Foundation is still managing this greatest annual cultural event this year. Despite of the cracks in the Dewan Kesenian Malang (The Malang’s Arts Council) recently.

Logo Malang Tempo Doeloe VI 2011 This year the Malang Tempo Doeloe VI taking “Discovery Heritage” as the theme. It offers an opportunity to know more about the richness of Malang’s cultural heritages. There are some activities that you can join during the festival, such as cultural tour, study group, workshop, arts performance, and traditional markets where you can find many traditional food and crafts. They are all offered to make visitors come closer to Malang’s culture, people, history, and arts that live harmoniously in Malang.

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