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Indonesia Has Everything To Develop Its Tourism Industry

Indonesia has what it takes to to get its tourism industry grow better. Jurgen Nauber – the Coordinator and Consultant of Tourism and Biodiversity Unit of UN’s World Tourism Organization stated. Jurgen said, every time you come to Indonesia, tourists are greeted with a smile, the people are friendly, open, and impressive. According to Jurgen, Indonesia could become an example of a country where people are so openly welcoming guests or tourists. "I find the hospitality, people are friendly, open, and rescue each time to come to Indonesia," he said.

Sekaten - Indonesia Has Everything Jurgen has been visiting Indonesia for more than 10 times. Indonesia has the capital to assess potential to be developed in terms of tourism, including natural and cultural diversity. "Currently all countries in various parts of the world, including Asia and Africa, want to advance their tourism sector. Therefore, Indonesia must be competitive," he said.

He argues, Indonesia should be able to perform better and more competitive in order to attract more tourists to visit. "Indonesia should be better. For that reason the design of tourism that will be the value chain and for this we are ready to lead Indonesia," he said.
Indonesian’s Tourism is predicted to be able to have or even exceeding the target that has been set this year, 7.7 million visits. It can be done if  Indonesia can build a strong structure of tourism planning as a foundation. Jurgen added, a strong structure is the key to success in building things, including a more advanced world of tourism.

source: Kompas.

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