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De Daunan Guest House, Another Recommended Guest House in Malang

De Daunan Guest House Photo 1
I have posted Peye Guest House sometime ago, now you’ll have De Daunan guest house. If you want to spend your holiday in Malang, than you should try the De Daunan guest house. Photos you see on this post are all taken from the official site of De Daunan guest house. They are all taken professionally, showing that this guest house is truly trying to give its best to the guest.
De Daunan itself means many leaves. Wish you are with to say that leaves corresponds to nature. And nature is the theme that the De Daunan guest house offers you. Through out the site you’ll read a lot about how the guest house describe its environment and also about how it manages to bring the guest a bold solitude in order to have good impression on the guest house.

When people travel outside the country, they tend to give up their daily routine, to encounter a different kind of life they could have. This means, they tends to choose something that is not regular. Staying  in a guest house is a good choice.
The De Daunan sets its environment in an ambience and natural setting. You’ll be accompanied by vines, trees, singing birds, beautiful plantation, and flowers.  At de Daunan we offer a guest house with the ambience and natural setting, an environmentally friendly life, and an absence of crowds. In the hill town of Batu, about 20 minutes drive out of Malang (the central East Java city), this is a great sanctuary place to relax among the vines and trees, in the middle of a small plantation.
What if  actually you don’t want to be alone with those ‘minds’ wandering? What if you want to have something more than just good relaxation? Well, don’t worry, the De Daunan guest house has a show room of traditional Indonesian Batik and other handicraft. So you think that visiting the show room will be boring? Then you have to try to join the workshops of making Batik and other handicrafts, or you can try the tropical agriculture workshops. If those are not enough, then maybe the city tours will suit you.
If you want to have more information about De Daunan guest house, here is the address:
Jl. Trunojoyo 2, Junrejo, Batu, Malang
Phone: +62 341 594466
Fax    : +62 341 409028
Contact person: Ibu Rien +62 8123302395
map to go to dedaunan guest house
Here are photos of the rooms at the De Daunan guest house.
Waru A
Waru B
Waru%202 waru%20teras
Sirih A cottage
D1 d22
Sirih B cottage
sirih2 sirih2kamar
Dangan A cottage
Dangan B cottage
Dangan%20B Dangan%20B-1<
Kecubung Cottage
Pendopo Pandan
d8 d29
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