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Cheap Guest House in Malang: Peye Guest House

Different with another hotel and motel in Malang, Peye guest house is visited by many tourists this year, especially on high season, like on the Lebaran. Although this guest house only has small number of rooms. It is because the house was not built intentionally to be a guest house. But don't be surprised that when you ask for a guest house, some traveling companies will recommend this.
Peye Guest House has nine rooms. Six rooms on the first floor, and three other on the second floor. This Guest house is owned by Chandawati Cahyani. She decided to turn her house into a Guest House, because she doesn’t want to rent the house. If she rent the house, then, she will not be able to visit or get into the house as free as she wants. Beside that, she is afraid the new family will not take care of the house sufficiently.
Malang Cheap Guest House
Most of guest houses in Malang are not built to be guest house. At first, they were just common houses. The owners have their certain reasons to turn the house into a guest house. With a small number of rooms and a homy situation, a motel with guest house concept can be easily controlled. Guests who have bad intention will think twice to stay, considering to the tight interaction between the guests compared to what happen in a hotel or motel.
Cheap Guest House in Malang At first, the Peye Guest House only has five rooms, but now it has nine rooms to accomodate more guests. Every room is named according to the ‘history’ of the room. The front room is called as “Praktek”, because it had been used as the treatment room by her husband that is a doctor. And then there is a room called as “Timbul”. The name is taken her father’s in law name. There are two rooms in the second floor, called as “Primi” and “Dwi”, her daughter's names. The “Bos” is the name of the room that was once used as the main bed room.
Here is the address of Peye Guest House: JL. Simpang Dieng No 1. Malang 65145. Indonesia
And here is the official web site:

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