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Ramayana Malang Plaza Photo

Ramayana Malang is one of plaza you can find in Malang. Malang Kabupaten’s alun-alun is surrounded by some Plazas. Sarinah Plaza is on the north, Ramayana is on the north east, and on the south east you’ll find Mitra 1 Plaza, Gajahmada Plaza, and Malang Plaza. I don’t really know why there are so many plazas on that small spot. I think 2 or 3 big stores is enough. Moreover, the plazas are not specialized to sell something, compared to THR in Surabaya, which is focused on cell phones and computers.
Ramayana MalangRamayana Malang Photo final
But when I see the crowd inside those plazas, especially in Saturday nights, Sundays, and other holidays, I have no doubt that Malang’s people need more places to shop, hehe ….
I’m not that shopaholic. It is really a hard time for me to accompany friends or relatives who want to go shopping in those plazas. Traditional market is more interesting. So, maybe that’s why I can not understand why Malang’s people need more than 5 plazas.

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