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Photos of Alun-alun Bunder Kota Malang

This is the most recent picture of Alun-Alun Bunder Kota Malang I have. Quite nice actually, but I think it not Indonesia banget, hehe
Malang, just like the other cities in Java, has two alun-alun. The first alun-alun belong to the Kabupaten and the second belong to the Kota Madya. Usually Kota Madya's alun-alun is better than the Kabupatens. Hehe...

Kantor Kota Madya Malang. It is located at the south east of the alun-alun bunder or alun-alun Kota Madya. I do not really know its history, but from its architecture we can see it is not Indonesian building. Maybe it wa built by the Dutch government. I'll try to find out more about this building.

Karang Kates. From the name, we may guess that the meaning is the place where we can find reefs in the shape of papaya. Who knows? Actually, Karang Kates is a nice place to visit. It has pretty scenery and the people are kind. You can find 'mujaer bakar.' I haven't tried it yet. But people said that it is delicious (to their tounges, don't know about mine)

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