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Chasing the dolphins in Lovina Beach

What are you going to do in Bali? Well, most people come to Bali to enjoy the beautiful beaches, the magnificent sunrise and sunsets, visit great temples, or come to surf. Bali has been quite famous for those things. But, actually, there is one more thing we can enjoy in Bali, although not many have talked about it. Dolphins! Yes, chasing dolphins. Of course it doesn’t mean we will chase and catch dolphins. We are going to watch them swims, and if it is possible, we can swim together with them along their path.

Where can we chase the dolphins?

Have you ever heard Lovina beach? It is a beautiful beach in the northern part of Bali. You can check your map now. If you are now in Denpasar, it will take about three hours to get to Lovina. You can use public transportation or rent a car. Just go to Ubung bus station, and find a bus to take you to Lovina.

As we are going to see the dolphins, then we should stay one night. There are so many lodging houses that cheap enough to stay. The dolphins’ show itself is at 6.00 a.m. Usually, we can book the boat we are going to use to chase the dolphins right from the inn we are staying in. The price is quite fair, not more than Rp. 100,000,00.

The dolphins chasing

At around 5.30, we will be picked up at the inn. If we are lucky enough then there will be a guide or someone who voluntarily guide us to the boat and explain a little about what we are going to do. The boat we use is called ‘Jukung’. When everybody’s ready, then the chasing will begin and the Jukung will take us closer to those lovely dolphins.

There are more than 10 Jukungs for the tourists to enjoy watching dolphins. To be able to see the dolphins, we need a little luck. As the weather can be the problem. There is no guarantee that we will be lucky enough to see them.

This ‘dolphins chasing’ will take about an hour before the boat back to the shore. But it is really great. So, if you want to say hi to the dolphins, come and visit Lovina beach, Bali.

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