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Is it Expensive To Visit Ubud?

Is it really expensive to visit Ubud? Many are thinking that visiting Ubud is expensive. At least, that assumption is often heard from domestic tourists when they hear the Ubud as a tourist destination. However, is that assumption true?
"Indeed, if you want to compare it to Kuta or Legian, Ubud is a little more expensive. But it was very different. People come to Ubud to find peace," said Ketut Sumartono of Ubud Hotels Association (UHA).
Julia Robert is Eat Pray Love
However, he added, if you want to compare Ubud Nusa Dua resort area, then Ubud accommodation is much cheaper. Ubud gives you many choices of accommodation ranging from hotels, resorts, villas, houses to rent and homestay. This makes Ubud also interesting for visitors with low budget in their pocket.
There is a hotel with Hotel in Ubud that will cost you $500 thousand per night, but that’s for the starry one. In Ubud, hotel rates are stable, not too much fluctuation, because the competition is not as tight as in Kuta.
According to Ketut, domestic tourists have started to choose Ubud as a tourist destination in Bali. Especially for domestic tourists from Jakarta and Surabaya who used to come to Bali and want to avoid crowds.
“They went to Ubud to feel calm. People we usually are lively joy. So, if young children are still rare to Ubud. But a more mature age and economic well-established, begin to choose Ubud. Also the family has begun to select in Ubud," he explained .
While for the group, he admits, Ubud is still somewhat difficult to receive tourists in large quantities. Therefore, the hotels in Ubud does not provide a lot of room (over 100 rooms) per hotel. So, if there are large entourage to stay in Ubud, the group should be broken up and dispersed to several hotels.
"This does not mean not enough accommodation in Ubud. Very much room is available in Ubud. But scattered in many hotels. Every hotel in Ubud just have a little room," said Ketut.
Only, he continued, Ubud does have the feel calm and peaceful in contrast to the hustle of Kuta and Legian. Therefore, Ketut said, Ubud is suitable for tourists who want to avoid the uproar style nightlife of Kuta and Legian. Alternatively, suitable also for tourists who want solitude and contemplation, like Elizabeth in the Hollywood film "Eat, Pray, Love".
The film stars Julia Roberts and retrieve background Ubud as a shooting location. Not surprisingly, Ubud has also been named as the best city in Asia by Conde Nast Traveller readers preferred version 2009.
To further introduced to domestic travelers Ubud, Ubud Hotels Association (UHA) held a "Table Top Ubud Domestic Agent" which brought together a travel agency based in Jakarta and Surabaya with hotels that are members of UHA.
UHA itself an association of hotels, resorts and villas in Ubud tourist area. This association was formed in 2004 by the number of members of the 46 hotels and resorts.

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