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Hotel Rooms in Brisbane and Perth Are The Most Expensive Ones in the World

Not because of the strengthening Australian dollar, but the price of hotel rooms in Brisbane and Perth, including one of the most expensive in the world.

According to the Hotel Room Price Index compiled by, the average price of hotel rooms in Brisbane today is 174 Australian dollars (nearly USD 1.5 million), while in Perth, worth the price of one night room 184 Australian dollars (nearly USD 1.65 million) .Brisbane Hotel

In the capital of two states in Australia, the demand for hotel rooms increased due to boom in the mineral. The workers earn high salaries - with a truck driver can earn a salary of Rp 1 billion a year - and the limitations of the available hotel room, make hotel room rates there rose more than 15 percent over the last year.

According to the Reuters correspondent Sastra Wijaya L, the average price of hotel rooms in Australia also rose to 166 Australian dollars a night, because of high demand. The most expensive hotel room prices in Australia are in the Whitsunday Islands is worth more than Rp 2.5 million rupiah per night.

While in the world, the price of the most expensive hotel rooms per country is in Switzerland and Brazil, with a mean of about $ 2 million. The cheapest hotel room rates are in Cambodia, with an average of about 600,000 rupiah.

Brisbane Hotel MapFor citizens of Australia, the strengthening Australian dollar also recently made a trip abroad is getting cheaper, and a looming economic problems of Europe also makes the price of hotel rooms there, according to, declined. Hotel room prices in Portugal fell 10 percent, as well as in Germany (7 percent), Belgium (7 percent), Finland (6 percent), and even the French are usually expensive also dropped five percent.

According to Johan Svanstrom of website, the price of hotel rooms in Europe are now very affordable for travelers from Australia pockets. "Room rates in the region is still below the 2006 rates. It means a lot of Australians will be traveling and this trend will continue throughout 2012." Svanstrom said. collects information from its buyers in 142 000 19 800 hotels around the world, so they can know the accurate price paid by all residents of the hotel. source: Kompas, pics credit: swiftcity, huno

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