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Makassar Trans Studio World Theme Park, South Sulawesi, Indonesia

The Makassar Trans Studio World Theme Park is actually the biggest indoor theme park in the world. Your question is maybe why this indoor theme park is built in Makassar? As we know that Makassar is not that big compared to cities in Java. Well, her is the answer: it marks the country's attempt to spread its growth across thus huge archipelago. Indonesia is not only Java, Jakarta, or Bali. Hehe…

Today, Makassar is the largest city in eastern Indonesia. It has been a long time for this city to serve as the eastern gateway to the eastern part of Indonesia.

Trans Studio Resort is the area of integrated tourism in Makassar, Indonesia. This theme park was built of 12,7 hectares with investment of more than IDR 1 trillion. Equipped with many facilities in the shopping center which includes the Trans Walk and Rodeo Drive, and Studio Trans, Trans Hotel, and the office of Bank Mega. Trans Studio building is built around 22,000 m² with 20 meters high which is the largest indoor amusement park in and the biggest indoor theme park in Asia at this time.

Trans Studio World Theme Park has adopted the concept of Universal Studios in the United States. Contain spaces simulation program several television station, Trans TV, or events in Indonesia. The concept of a theme park in the Trans Studio World will provide the experience it self. Some of them are the Tsunami and earthquake, Magic Corner, Lost City, Terror Twister, Water Coaster, Magic Museum and many more.

In addition to theme park, several other facilities that are built hotels, supermarkets, recreational beach arena, office facilities, and cafes. Some project will be completed in 2009 and the whole project completed in around 2012.

The Trans Studio entrance is 100,000 rupiah (about US$10) and this includes the cost of the plastic card and 90,000 rupiah worth of "free" rides. There are 15 rides which are included in this kind of fare. Probably half of these are children's rides. Then there are 5 or 6 rides which cost 25,000 rupiah (about US$2.50) which must be paid for separately. Inside there are also shops with fun souvenirs and a few places to eat. The food is mostly Indonesian, though there is a fried chicken place, Baskin Robbins, a coffee place with light snacks and sandwiches, and other items like popcorn and cotton candy are available. To buy all of these things inside of the park one must "top-up" the card. No cash or credit card is accepted for payment at anything in the park, though they can be used to top-up the card (this way if you have anything left on the card you simply forge it -- if you leave the park you have to buy a whole new entrance card for IDR.90,000 rupiah in order to enter again). In order to pay by credit card there is a 250,000 rupiah (about US$25) minimum. So all it is just fun and its ideal for children.

Inside the building there was Trans Studio Mall and it was completed on Aug 2010, so the visitor not only can ride the game inside Trans studio but now they can take a time to shopping.

Trans Studio World Theme Park Makassar located in the Regions and the Global Tourism Business Tanjung Bunga, Makassar, South Sulawesi. Only about five kilometers from the City Center of Makassar.

Trans Studio World Theme Park Makassar can be accessed with the city transportation, taxi, or Trans Studio Shuttle Bus.

The Investment value of this project comes from 2 (two) big Company, its the Para Group of 55% owned and 45% owned by Kalla Group.

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source: Makassar News Travel

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