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900 Companies in Malang Not Manage Their Waste

At least, there are 900 (large and small) companies that operate in Malang, East Java, do not manage their waste properly. Although those companies are threatened with sanctions imposed by the Environment Agency (BLH). The Head of Malang Regency, Cholis Bidajati, acknowledged, that from 1,300 companies in the area, about 900 dump their industrial waste into the river.

"The results of verification that we do in the field, about 900 companies dump their waste into rivers or other places without doing any proper management process," he said. In rainy season, he said, it is easy to see that the water has been mixed with waste.

Moreover, Cholis explained that most of the companies which do not properly managing their waste do not have Environmental Monitoring (IPL) and Environmental Management Effort (UKL). That means these companies do not take care of the document management wastewater or environmental impact assessment (EIA) that will be applied in the near future.

The application of EIA, he added, will be in the form of a written warning. The observation has been done so the companies which dispose their waste in any place, especially the rivers, will take the sanction. "Starting this year we started to apply this policy by providing a written warning and further sanctions in accordance with Law Number 32 Year 2009 about protection and management of the Environment," he said.

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