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Apartment in Malang: Menara Soekarno Hatta

Need an apartment in Malang? Apartment is a smarter choice when you plan to stay in a long time. Staying in a hotel becomes too pricey. Although hotels in Indonesia are considered cheaper than in other countries, but still, the expense won't be able to beat what apartment offers. Malang also has many great hotels.
If you do want to have an apartment in Malang, Menara Soekarno Hatta is now your only choice. Although there has already some publicized plans of other apartments, but for now Menara Soekarno Hatta is still the one.
This Malang’s first apartment has 15 floors and 725 units. Along with those units, Menara Soekarno Hatta Apartment is also equipped itself with swimming pool, food court, fitness center, mini market, 7 ruko’s, and parking lots.

Menara Soekarno Hatta
This apartment is located in a very strategic spot. It is on the west side of Jalan Soukarno Hatta. It is just 100 meters away from the gate of Brawijaya University. Soekarno Hatta is one of the most important street in Malang, so you don’t have to worry to get any services here, from banks to restaurants, you can find them easily.

Apartment in Malang: Menara Soekarno Hatta Rating: 4.5 Diposkan Oleh: YUDI ESTHER