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Where To Surf in Indonesia? Tanjung Setia Beach, The Surfer’s Paradise

Indonesia is known with its beautiful beaches. The beaches are not only beautiful but also great for surfers. Some Indonesia’s beaches have already known among surfers. Today, I’d like to post about Tanjung Setia beach. Haven’t heard about it?

Tanjung Setia Beach is located in Desa Tanjung Setia, Kecamatan Pesisir Selatan, Kabupaten Lampung Barat, Lampung province, Indonesia. It is about 52 km from Liwa, the capital of Lampung Barat. You can go there from Bandar Lampung. Well, it is not a short trip, as you have to go for 273 km. You can easily find it, as the beach is not far from the main road.

Tanjung Setia beach has already known by surfers from US, UK, and other European surfers. They got the information about this beach from former visitors and also websites made by surfers. Those surfers are usually stay for a week or two weeks here.

What can you do in Tanjung Setia?

Well, if you are a surfer, of course you come to Tanjung Setia to surf. On a certain months, there are so many surfers here. What about the other? There are many things you can do here, like diving, swimming, enjoying the sands, camping, and don’t forget, Tanjung Setia has a very beautiful sunset.

Do you know that Tanjung Setia beach is the third best beach in the world?

On May to June, you can surf on 7 meters waves here. On the other months you can still be challenged by 4 meters wave.

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