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Hotel Atlet Century Park: First Indonesian Non-Smoking Hotel

It is not so common to find a non-smoking hotel, especially in Indonesia. Hotel Atlet Century Park, Jakarta, declared itself as a non-smoking hotel. According to its General Manager, Bilal Chamsine, this makes Atlet Century Park became the first smoke-free hotel in Jakarta.

"We became the first hotel in Jakarta, which became nonsmoking hotel. I know that smokers do not like this, but we love it," he said in Kridangga Ballroom.

In addition to this announcement, Bilal also explained the change of name and logo of the hotel. Hotel Atlet Century Park changed the name to remove the word "Athletes" and the Century Park Hotel. Substitution has been made since June 2011.

"Previously, this hotel was known that it was only for athletes, but it is not. So, we changed the name and logo," said Bilal. However, in areas of the hotel building still uses the old name.

Century Park Hotel, Jakarta, is also celebrating the success of 100 percent occupancy in July that occurred yesterday. It has occurred for the fifth time.

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