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Things You Should Never Do On Your Trips

The Tourist It is a common thing to make mistakes on our trips. It can happen to anyone, even to a man who calls himself a travelholic. Participants of Fodors discussion forum shared their experiences on what you should and what you shouldn’t on your trips. Things you should prepare before spending money for fun.
Here are things you have to make sure before starting your trips:

  1. Read the exact time and date of your flight before you confirm buying it. Make sure the time and date are exactly like what you are expecting. “I bought a flight ticket to Peru, a trip that I have been expected in my life. I got a good price from Delta, $808 for a two way ticket from Washington. Three days after that I realized that I would be back here on Sunday’s midnight instead of Saturday’s midnight. I contacted Delta, and asked them to reschedule my flight. I had to pay $500 then.” Tips: Sometimes, even if we have checked two or three times, we could still make mistakes. Find a flight that make you possible to ask for rescheduling your trip without having to spend extra money. Those which are also responsive to any request and complaint are also greatly recommended.
  2. Always make sure that you get the seat as you reserve it. If you don’t get it, don’t be angry, try to calm yourself and check your seat number.
  3. Never delay a trip to a place that now having a lower currency rate than yours.
  4. Never deactivate your credit card that you use to pay the tickets. Tips: use one credit card to pay all of tickets, from flights, hotel, to car rent. Make sure you have the print out of all reservations you make, and take a note on which credit card you use to pay.
  5. Pay attention to local weather. Don’t mess your travel with any natural disturbance that actually can be predicted before. Let’s say that you are going to visit Australia, in August, you can’t expect to meet a warm weather there, as it is their winter.
  6. Don’t think that any hotel near the beach is good. When you visit a totally new place, a recommendation from a friend about certain hotels will do you a good thing. Make sure that you are not wasting your money on bad hotel service. Beaches are good, but there are bad hotels also. Tips: find where the hotel really is using Google Maps. At least you got the picture.
  7. Make sure that you’ll have a hotel room to stay during your travel. Don’t just make plans. Something bad can happen.
  8. Never think that the room rates never change. The price you got from the internet can change easily because of some unpredictable causes, like a temporarily local sport events.
  9. Make sure that you have your newest driving license. It is dealing with local rent car service. They can refuse you from renting their car because you show them an outdated driving license.
  10. Always bring the local map with you.
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    Commercial Property Sydney said...

    Paying attention to the weather forecast should be always considered..Safety trip is the top priority.

    Peter Kelly