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Malang – Denpasar Cheap Flight From Wings Air

Logo WIngs Air Wings Air began operating the new route today from Malang - Denpasar, pp every day with the flight number IW 1841, departs from Abdul Rahman Saleh Malang Airport at 14:25 pm. While the flight number IW 1840 departs from Denpasar Ngurah Rai Airport at 14.00 pm.
In February 2011, Wings Air has been carrying out orders for purchasing 15 ATR 72 - 500 series units. Between Wings Air and the ATR (Avions de Transport Regional). Thus, Wings Air will operate 30 planes.
Wings Air started operating ATR 72 series 500 with 72 seats in Indonesia in January 2010 and until February 2011 had been received and operates 10 planes. Expected five more planes will gradually be received until August 2011.
With the addition of a new fleet, Wings Air wants to improve its services, especially the comfort and security of the flight, as well as developing markets and increasing revenue to the airline to grow in line with the development of Lion Air.
Achmad Hasan - Wings Air CEO - says that this new route from Malang to Denpasar is to facilitate traveler and tourists to travel to all parts of Indonesia, including to Malaysia, Singapore and Jeddah. "Of course, by utilizing the Lion Air flight from Denpasar and well in other cities and so on," he said.
It will also make easier for the Indonesian and tourists from neighboring countries to come to Malang because the network between Wings Air and Lion Air has reached all areas of the archipelago.
Hasan continued, Malang - Denpasar flight tariffs are still on promotions time, ranging from Rp 300,000. Although in this first flight it only had 30 percent passengers, this is a good start. Hasan is so optimistic that this flight will encourage tourism businesses in both cities. Because Denpasar is more well known compared to Malang. Now, Aremania (a call to the citizen of Malang) do not need to go to Juanda Airport when they wnat to fly to Denpasar. Apart from tourism, the increasing mobility of society, is expected to increase the growth of economic and social sectors in both cities.

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