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Looking for Bali Guide Book? Why do we need a guide book for Bali? Well, if you are here to find a Bali Guide Book, then you have your own reason for that. For me, the reason will be because Bali has so many great places to visit, so I don’t want to miss any of them. I go to Bali to enjoy my time to the fullest. If there is a thing – or a place that I miss, no wonder that I will come back later. But what if I don’t have those extra money to spend while I’m so much interesting in visiting Bali? Then, a good Bali Guide Book is a must.
I have selected some Bali Guide Books for you, so that you can arrange your enjoying Bali journey comfortably. By making a great plan, you can save a lot of money while also visiting as many wonderful places in Bali as you can. Hope that these Bali Guide Books will help you.
  1. Bali & Lombok by Rough Guides. This book is not only giving a Bali Guide but also Lombok. Although some information on this great Bali Guide Book is a little bit out-dated -  like information about bemo station. But still it is the best Bali Guide Book by it’s great compiled data based on valid research with a good deal of historical data as well as great attention to detail. It is simply the most complete guide to Bali / Lombok.
  2. Lonely Planet Bali & Lombok. It is a well researched, slim volume Bali Guide Book. The information contained in it is relevant and accurate. LP really nails down the nuts and bolts info you need when visiting Bali, such as accommodation, getting around and cultural info. As you know, Lonely Planet is one of the most well respected site on traveling.
  3. Natural Guide to Bali. It is an alternative style guidebook that attempts to show a more personal side of Bali. This Bali Guide Book is written by local teams, telling the hidden life behind the landscapes, guiding travelers to responsible hotels, restaurants, dive shops or trekking guides. The Natural Guide to Bali makes extra effort to point out businesses that make an effort to be enjoyable for tourists attracted by nature and authenticity, Nature-friendly and community-friendly. In its own words “Enjoy nature, meet the people, make a difference.”
  4. Island Of Bali by Miguel Covarrabias. This book is the essential book about Bali. If you wish to learn about the Balinese people, their culture and religion and beliefs I highly recommend this book.
  5. A House in Bali by Colin McPhee
  6. A Short History of Bali by Robert Pringle.
May these Bali Guide Books be with you ….

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