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Garuda Indonesia Airlines: The History

Garuda Indonesia Airlines is the national airline of Indonesia. Garuda is a mythical bird of legend puppet. Garuda Indonesian history starting in the 1940s, in which Indonesia's independence war against the Dutch.

January 26, 1949 is considered as the anniversary of Garuda Indonesia Airlines. At that time the airline name is Indonesian Airways. Their first aircraft named Seulawah or Gold Mountain, the funds to buy aircraft from donations of the people of Aceh. The plane was bought for 120,000 dollars in Malaya, which is equal to 20 kg of gold. Garuda Indonesia continues to support Indonesia against the Dutch until the revolution ended.

The origin of the name Garuda began when, on December 25, 1949 Dr. Konijnenburg, facing and to report to President Sukarno in Yogyakarta that KLM interinsulair will be submitted to the government in accordance with the results of the Round Table or Round Table Conference (RTC), and requested the President to name for the company because the plane that would take him from Yogyakarta to Jakarta will be painted according to the name.

President Sukarno responded by quoting a verse of Dutch poetry:
Ik ben Garuda, Vishnoe's Vogel, die hoog zijn uw eilanden vleugels uitslaat Boven ("I am Garuda, the bird wing stretching Vishnu jumped on top of your island")

So on December 28, 1949, there are historic flight DC-3 aircraft, registered PK-DPD property interinsulair KLM flies carrying President Sukarno from Yogyakarta to Jakarta-Kemayoran, for his inauguration as President of the Republic of Indonesia (RIS) with a new logo, Garuda Indonesian Airways. The name was given by President Sukarno.

The Burmese government a lot to contribute to Garuda Indonesia Airlines in the early days the airline's stand. Therefore, when the airline was founded as a company on March 31, 1950, Garuda Indonesia donated a DC-3 aircraft to the government of Burma. In 1953, Garuda Indonesia has 46 aircraft, but in 1955 the company has retired the Catalina fleet. In 1956 they made the first flight to Mecca.

The 1960's now quick progress this flight. In 1965, Garuda Indonesia has two new jet aircraft, Convair 990 turboprop aircraft and the Lockheed Electra L-118 aircraft. In 1961, Garuda Indonesia Airlines opens new flight route to the Kai Tak International Airport in Hong Kong, and in 1965 they opened the flight route to Schiphol Airport in Haarlemmeer, Netherlands, Europe.

In the 1990s, Garuda Indonesia has experienced several disasters, and the airline is experiencing difficult economic period. However, in the 2000s the airline managed to rise again, and in good economic circumstances.

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