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Taking Seeds To The Paddy Field

Taking Seeds to the Rice Field

It’s been a long time since the last time I posted something really personal on this Malang Photos blog. Since I’m trying to posts more information about Malang, like hotels, guest house, phone lists, flight to Malang, and other things that do not really come from me.

This time, I post this picture, a man who was taking seeds to the paddy field. It was my wife who took this picture. She is really a good partner for me in taking pictures on the street, since I ride the motor cycle. Her old SE K510i worked fine here.

If you live here in Indonesia, you’ll find this scene pretty easy. Although it is now those beautiful paddy field has been turned into houses and factories. Hope that ten years from now, I will still be able to see this kind of beautiful scenes – hopefully ….

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Lagawan said...

I'd been to mlang a couple of times already :) its nice to know na may blog na rin pala for Mlang. and Thanks for visiting my site :D