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Malang Online Demographic Data Base

Malang Demographic Online Data Malang Regency created a buzz by creating the Malang online demographic data base. This system will simplify the task of Population and Civil Service in managing the population data.

Electronic Data Management Division (PDE) of Malang Regency, Henry Tanjung MB said, this information administrative services in villages and kelurahan will be tested in 21 villages and 16 urban villages.

"It is still a pilot project. Silades / kel is the basis of real time demographic data" explained Henry MB Cape, Head of PDE Malang regency in his office, Friday (11 / 6).

According to Henry, this application will facilitate the task of Population and Civil Service. However, at this time it still could not connect with Dispendukcapil. This ABPD funded program is expected to be fully implemented in 2014 covering 390 villages and rural areas in Malang.

Related to this online demographic data, Cholis Bidajati, the chief of Dispendukcapil Malang said “I’ll still see more details to avoid a possibility that this important demographic data used by other institutions illegally. The security aspects of this service must be firstly improved." he asserted.

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