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Pakis Wendit Swimming Pool

I’m now living in Pakis, Malang. Before December 6th,2009, I lived in Sawojajar, with my wife’s family. It is really a shame that I don’t know Wendit. It is only about 3 kilometers from my new home. My first impression is that the pool is not as great as what people said. But that is only my first impression. The fast is: it is really a great place to visit. If you already in Malang, don’t let this nice place left unvisited.

Despite of the dirty ground, you will find that Wendit is very natural. Bird’s singing, green trees, and funny monkeys. Monkeys? Yes, monkey has been the icon of Wendit. They are funny, but yet you have to be a little bit careful with them. They have been accustomed to deal with human, that’s why they seem to be very annoying. It is said that the monkey can not be taken home as a pet. Some said that those monkey were cursed or something.

Wendit Swimming Pool 1 The pool itself is regarded as a mystic pool. According to the local folk tale, the pool offers mystical power to those who have taken a bath in it would remain young for the rest of their life. On the days Idul fitri, the Islamic days (seven days Lebaran) some traditional performances are staged here.

The pool is located at Mangliawan village, a village belonging to Pakis Sub District, about 10 km away to the East from Malang.
Facilities: pool using natural water spring water that never dies in all season (dry or wet season), souvenir shops, and some recreational spots in Wendit's area.

Wendit Swimming Pool 2 The accessibility is very reachable, public transportation or private. So that, Wendit swimming pool is very suitable for your family and children to have family recreation.

source: Visit Indonesia-Malang

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