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Garuda Indonesia Is Promoting East Java Tourism to Foreign Countries

This year, Garuda Indonesia Airways is promoting the East Java tourism to get visitor’s attention. “This tourism promotion has been the program of Garuda Indonesia to support Indonesian culture and tourism to be well known and attract people to come. Especially this 2010, East Java tourism is the target.”
imageIn order to introduce the east java tourism, Garuda Indonesia has been cooperating with East Java government. Like giving examples of east java’s handicraft, culture and art, or natural tourism like Bromo and Ijen crater. Furthermore, Garuda Indonesia also tries to bring the best east java traditional dancer to perform in a culture and art exhibition abroad to let east java known.

In this promotional package, Garuda Indonesia will offer tourism package to foreign tourists. It is so lamentable to know that people only know Bali. So, by  implementing this promotional program, Garuda is hoping that people would visit East Java after or before going to Bali.
This East Java tourism promotion is also supported by PHRI (Indonesian Hotel and Restaurant Association), and also the East Java Tourism and Culture Department, to give a cheap tourism package, that can make booth the tourist and the local people can take the benefit.
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