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The Erasing of Short Visit Visa Cuts Down Foreign Tourists Visit

The erasing of a short visit visa (VoA) 7 days will affect travelers from visiting the target Asian markets, so that it needs to be preserved. If the Directorate of Immigration and Culture Tourism Ministry agreed to evaluate the policy after three months of enforced on January 26, 2010, the market reaction will be shifted to another country trip. Finally, Indonesia will only accept the results of the deterioration of the visit of the major markets of Asia like China, Japan, India and South Korea. 
People who come from Asean to Indonesia do not need VoA, especially those who come to visit Bintan and Batam via Singapore. It is much more easier to have short visit foreign tourist than to have foreign tourists that stay for 30 days or more.

The data from the Indonesian Central Bureau of Statistics in January 2010, There were is 356,729 people from China, Malaysia 735,797 people, 116,101 Indians, 84,302 people Philippines, South Korea's 217,446 people, Japanese’s 444,975 people and Singapore 896,967 people. 409,000 people visited Bintan.

According to him, Asian markets are generally sensitive to the price issue, so if you previously paid a U.S. $ 10 to get a short 7 days visit visa, now you have to pay for U.S. $ 25 to have 30 days visa. It is then just too expensive.

Many of the foreign tourists visiting Indonesia only require 7 (seven) days visa, especially those who visit on the weekend. They just want to play golf in Bintan and Batam and also those who intend to deal business in Jakarta and other areas. For them, it will be interesting to visit neighboring countries that offer cheaper visas even for free (free of charge). Before this, if they want to play golf in Bintan 3 times a month, they only had to pay U.S. $ 30. Now, they have to pay $75 for the same ‘exact’ activities.

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