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The Tumpang Sumber Ringin Bathing House Tourism Object

If we explore Malang Regency, we will find much beauty hidden. Many of them are hidden and left unknown. But I believe that anyone would agree that the region has an exceptional natural charm. Take a look at the Sumber Ringin bathhouse. Located in the Tumpang village, in the district of Wringin Songo, Malang Regency. It is a virgin, untouched, exotic place as anyone could wish. If only the virgin dressed up .…

If you are passing the Malangsuko village, district of Malang Regency Tumpang, there's nothing wrong if you go over to this bathing house. To find the location is not easy, because there is no large sign on the highway to go here. There is only a sign taped to the walls of the house residents. From the highway, it takes about 10 minutes to reach the location of this Sumber Ringin Bathing House. If you want to enjoy the natural scenery along the way, you can rent a wagon. There are many verdant garden plants. Sumber Ringin Bathing House 1

Unfortunately the access road to the location of the bathhouse has not been paved. So if you are riding a motorcycle then you must be very careful riding on the rocks. The location of the bathing house is under the cliff. From the parking lot, we cannot see the bathing house, because it is hidden behind the thickness of trees. After passing the post box office, visitors must climb down the ladder to reach the location of the bathhouse. A huge banyan welcomes visitors. This banyan is enormous. 5 meters in diameter and 20 meters in height. From the foot of the banyan, it is the source of running water. That's why this bathing is called "Sumber Ringin."

"Sumber” means spring and “Ringin” is a name of the tree near this spring. The area of Sumber Ringin Bathing House itself is about 500m2. You can find a swimming pool and a locker room. The pool is 20×15 meters square and two meters deep. The water is very clear and fresh, because it comes from a natural water. Unfortunately, the pool hasn’t been using ceramics for the walls. It makes the pool looked dirty. The water is continually flowing even in a long dry season. This bathing house can be visited everyday. On Saturdays and Sundays, the number of visitors will be doubled. There are still many families that like to spend vacation time to swim there. Though the number of the visitors is not that many, but in Saturday and Sunday, the villagers could manage to earn Rp 500,000 to Rp 750,000.

On a lower place, you can find some culinary locations. There are several long rows of stalls there. In addition to rows of stalls, there is a large stage which appears as a stage show. There are usually brought orchestras and other traditional shows.

Sumber Ringin Bathing House 2
Waiting for Investors
This garden tour in Tumpang could be explored more to unveiled many hidden beautiful charming views. The revenue from ticket sales alone just enough to pay the cost of treatment. Bentoel Cigarette Factory has given a proposal to manage this bathing house. But local residents do not want to give up their assets to other parties. There is concern from residents, that if it is managed by investor, the rights of citizens to this tourism object will be limited.

It is still possible to add some more facilities to make this Tumpang bathing house more attractive, beside the pool. For example, children playground, outbound, and others. The pool itself needs a total renovation.

Currently, this water source is also starting to be utilized by Malang Regency Power Micro Hydro Project (PLTMH). There is one project that is placed there and is expected to be a substitute electrical energy to be channeled to local people. Besides the water flow is also carried into the house residents for the purposes of clean water daily. This spring water is never dry even in the long dry season. If tourist facilities added, it is believed that the park could draw more tourists to come. The Malang Regency government doesn’t give enough attention to this park. Hence, no contribution given to the government of such taxes. The government is much expected to give more help to make this park better.

Holy Bathing Tradition
There is an annual bathing tradition in Sumber Ringin. One of them is the tradition of holy bathing during Ramadhan. This tradition still continues to this day. As Ramadhan holiday arrives, typically young and old residents flocked to bathe and purity there. At the previous night they have cooked diamond lontong to celebrate Ramadhan. This tradition is believed to make people young. Springs flowing beneath the tree is believed to cure all kinds of diseases.

This spring water was built in 1830. Opened by an immigrant from Central Java called Ki Abu Nawas. Ki Abu Nawas who opened the village is known as the "Bunder". Ki Abu Nawas was buried on the slopes of this bathing locations. Until now many people still come to this pilgrimage. But Gunung Kawi is more well known. These bathing house is also frequently visited by former Dutch to take a shower. Then the villagers were thinking to manage the park well. They then renovated the bathing house. The funding is still the biggest problem.

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