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The Singosari Temple

Singosari Temple
Singosari temple, also known as Kendedes temple, was founded in honor to King Kertanegara, the last king of Singosari dynasty who died in 1292 AD. It was erected in 1300 AD at the same time when the ritual Sradha took place. In the vicinity of the temple there are two gigantic statue called Dwarapala, believed to be the entrance guards to the palace.
This temple has saved the historical story that always remember by Malang public. However, Singosari temple is a symbol of the existence of Malang regency from years ago.
As the other East Java's temple, Singosari temple is formed from red bricks and arranged in cone building, called temple. This temple also has beautiful relief that describe the great of Singosari Kingdom years ago.

Singosari Temple far Statue From Singosari Temple
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claudia said...

wow what a beautiful temple!