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Traditional Akik Stone Market on Majapahit Street, Malang

Batu akik Juga No wonder that now Malang has grown into a big city. Many new city’s facilities are being built. And the citizens are getting familiar with modern lifestyle. But yet, we can still find many traditional ‘things’ in Malang. One of them is traditional Akik Stone (Hakeek Stone) Market on Majapahit Street.

Majapahit Street is not so far from the city center. If you are already in front of Kayutangan Church, then you are just in front of it. Majapahit Street is on the right side of the church.

There are about 35 Akik sellers that display their Akik stones in front of unoccupied shop’s parking lot. They sell kinds of Akik Stone and also diamonds, completed with the ring. They get the stones from other Indonesian cities, and sometimes from other countries. Like Jamrud (Colombia), Blue Safire (Burma and Australia), Silent (Srilanka), Giok (China) and Red Ruby (Africa). An Akik Stone Batu Akik completed with the ring is priced from hundreds to million rupiahs. The ring itself can be made from gold, silver, stainless steel, monel, or cooper.

If you visit Malang and love to find exciting place, you can try this traditional  Akik Stone Market

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