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Malang’s Old Books Exhibition

Book Exhibition Velodrom 2 Book Exhibition Velodrom 3 Book Exhibition Velodrom

Malang is known as one of Educational City beside Yogyakarta, according to the number of schools and universities in town. Although Surabaya is much larger than Malang, but people still consider Malang as the best place in East Java to get their degree. Maybe that is the reason why every book exhibition always able to get many visitors.

This old book exhibition was held in front of the Velodrome a special stadium for bikers. According to some of the book sellers, for two days exhibition they could get about Rp. 250.000,00 not a small amount for them. The visitor are mostly students and young families that bring their children.

Malang’s Old Books Exhibition Rating: 4.5 Diposkan Oleh: YUDI ESTHER


Beth said...

Did you know that I'm so fond of book exhibits and sales just like the ones on the photos? For sure, if I'm there, I would buy many magazines or books about art or fashion. Or maybe children's book for my kids! Thanks for sharing!

sarvan said...

HUh... Its amazing to see lot of books in a pic ... kewl post :)

Expecting lot more interesting posts and pics from you :)

All the best