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Malang’s Post Office is Planned to be Changed Into Shopping Mall

MAlang's Post Office
The plan to make the Malang’s Post Office on Jl. Medan Merdeka Selatan into a mall has been estimated. For the feasibility test must go through, including whether it is profitable for the company.
This is explained by Subkhan, the head of Malang’s Post Office to some journalists on Wednesday (6 / 5). Subkhan does not claim to know the details yet.
As we can see, Kepanjen’s Post Office has been doing the BOT (Build Operate transfer). BOT will make more income to the Post Office. BOT is a system where developer build the area in a period of time. Kepanjen’s Post Office’s BOT will run for 25 years and then returned to the post office.
The location of Malang Post Office, which is in the heart of very strategic spot of Malang make this office very interesting to the developers.
The fact is, there already have been established four malls around the Alun-Alun Merdeka. First, Sarinah Plaza and Alun-alun Mal. Then along Jl. Agus Salim have at least three Plazas, the Mitra Pasaraya, Gajahmada Plaza, and Malang Plaza.
Then, on Jl. Kyai Tamin, there are Matahari Dept Store and The Malang’s Central Market. Furthermore, there is also a number of retail stores that sell same merchandises as the malls, like clothes, shoes, or electronics.

Malang’s Post Office is not an heritage area because it is a new building made in 1976. Subkhan adds that the developer which will build the shopping mall in the area of Malang’s the Post Office is PT Mustika Olimpic Park. On the 4000 m2 of land that will build five-storey mall.
According to Fatoni Irfan, the chairman of Malang’s branch of The Association of Shopping Center  Indonesia,  institutionally, he welcomed the development of the shopping center because it can give the community more shopping alternatives. But he saw the situation now, the competition among the shopping centers is very tight. "So, the shopping center should create clever programs," said Irfan.
At this time, there are nine shopping centers in Malang,  Matos, MOG, Plasa Dieng, Mitra I and II, Sarinah Plaza, Alun-alun Mall, Gajahmada Plaza, Malang Plaza and Plasa Araya.

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