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Gajayana Stadium, Arema Malang Base Camp Photos

Malang Gajayana Stadium from MOG

Gajayana Stadium is a multipurpose stadium located at the heart of Malang, East Java, Indonesia. Gajayana is actually one of the oldest stadium in Indonesia. It was built in 1924, finished in 1926. On early 90’s, Gajayana Stadium was renovated. Its capacity was enlarged to about 17.000. In 2007, Gajayana Stadium was once again restored. On the south of the stadium then built the MOG (Malang Olympic Garden) as an unseparated part of the Stadium itself. Now, the capacity of Gajayana Stadium is about 30.000. It is now used as a base camp for Arema Malang and Persema Malang, beside the Kanjuruhan Stadium.

Malang Gajayana Stadium Front

Malang Gajayana Stadium Right Bottom

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