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The Edge of the Storm Photo

The Edge of The StormIt’s been a while I do not post anything on this blog. I’m a little bit busy with my other blog. Besides that, I feel like there’s nothing worth enough or suit to be posted in this Malang on Pics blog.

This photo was taken on the north east part of Malang. I was waiting to have another sunset photo at that time. I just couldn’t wait a little longer. So I took this photo. I was not expecting this photo to be a good photo. When I watched it on my SE G502, I didn't see anything special on it. But when I took a deep look at it in my PC monitor, I was amazed by the clouds. Seems like it is an edge of a storm. So, I call this photo as “The Edge of The Storm.” Am I exaggerating? Please comment this title…

You are free to grab this photo for you, of course if you think that it is worthy.

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Cly said...

well, you have a nice post in here and also please be informed that there's nothing wrong about the title...what counts most is the content of your piece...keep up & cheersss.

Tazkiyatunnafs said...

Mo liat Malang ah