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The Gate of PT. PINDAD photo, Turen, Indonesia

Gerbang PINDAD Turen

It is only the gate of PINDAD. It was not a nice experience. Really, I’m telling you. The problem was, I did not ask for permission from some guards, so they asked me a few questions. I do understand that PINDAD is a very sensitive state owned company. I can understand for what the guards done to protect that place. That's why I only took the gate of Pindad to shoot at. I wasn't trying to shoot at any other part of Pindad. I have no idea of how sensitive it is. I love my country.

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The Gate of PT. PINDAD photo, Turen, Indonesia Rating: 4.5 Diposkan Oleh: YUDI ESTHER


ND said... them this picture then they will appreciate u..

nothing said...

hari ini ada kecelakaan di pt pindad, satu orang tewas :(

Malang Photos said...

@nothing: yup, ikut berduka cita ....