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Photos from Karang Kates

Selamat Datang Karang KatesThe Gate of Bendungan Sutami - Karangkates

Karang Kates is one of tourism object in Malang. Actually “Karang Kates” is not the official name of the dam. It is ‘Bendungan Sutami.” It is located on the south west part of Malang, about 30 minutes from Malang. Karang Kates was built in 1060’s as a part of the Japanese government after war policy. Karang Kates is mainly taking its water from Brantas River, the longest river in East Java. Here in Karang Kates you can find very cheap roasted Mujair, a local fish that is also called as Nila.

If you want to stay here for a couple of days, there is a pretty cheap hotel. “Holy Hotel.” It offers pretty cheap rate per night, but please do not expect anything else but the bed and shower.

Karang Kates is divided into two parts. The first is on the south of the main road of Malang - Blitar, while the second is on the north. The south part is mainly to generate electricity and the north part is for irrigation.

Karang Kates Selatan

Karang Kates Gerbang Selatan

Karang Kates Jalan

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