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Photos of Kartika Graha Hotel - Malang

Hotel Kartika Graha 1Hotel Kartika Graha 4 Hotel Kartika Graha 2Hotel Kartika Graha 3

Hotel Kartika Graha 5

This hotel is located on a very strategic location. To be precise, it is on Jalan Jaksa Agung Suprapto Malang. It is only 3 stars hotel, but as you can see, the hotel is quite good. For the Malangese, Kartika Graha Hotel is more known as a pretty and nice place to hold a music performance. It is regularly used by some schools to do the graduation ceremony, school art performance, and seminar.

Photos of Kartika Graha Hotel - Malang Rating: 4.5 Diposkan Oleh: YUDI ESTHER


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