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Photos of Mountains Around Malang

Malang is surrounded by mountains. Semeru in the east, Kendeng mountains in the south, Kaw in the west, and Arjuno in the north west. Maybe that is the reason why Malang is also famous as ‘kota dingin.’ That was ten years ago. Today you can not associate ‘cold’ or even ‘cool’ to Malang anymore. Now it is just as hot as Blitar, especially on October, the time when the rainy season is started. Nyem…. So ungkep….

This is Arjuno. The name is taken from one of the Pandawa fighter who is known as the most handsome warrior. Among the hikers Arjuno is known as a very ‘angker’ mountain. There are stories about ghost, unusual object, and such things.

Gunung Arjuno 1

When you hear Gunung Kawi (Kawi Mountain), probably some of you will relate it to a place named Wonosari. Wonosari is famous as a place to where people are seeking wealth through praying. Wonosari is located at the south east of Gunung Kawi, about 20 km from Kepanjen. Kawi Taken From Blitar

Gunung Kawi1

As you know, Kawi and Arjuno are stand side by side. Kawi is on the south west of Malang, while Arjuno is at the north west.

Kawi and Arjuno

SemeruActually, I don’t really know its name. What I know is that Semeru is standing there. So it might be the Tengger Mountains.

It is so hard to take the full ‘face’ of those mountains, especially during this rainy season. It seems like they are collaborating to keep their faces from my camera. haha…

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