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Photos of Gereja Ijen and Gereja Kayutangan

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As you know, the Ijen Cathedral is one of the most famous Catholic Church in Malang. Of course people would say that Gereja Kayutangan is more beautiful artistically. But as the cathedral, Gereja Ijen is still holding the role.

Compared to Gereja Kayutangan, Gereja Ijen lacks the details of architectural elements. I don't really know why, but I guess it is because the church it self is younger than the Gereja Kayutangan.

Gereja Ijen 1

Gereja Ijen 3

Now compare them with these ...

Gereja Kayutangan 1

Gereja Kayutangan 2

Gereja Kayutangan 4

As you can see now. The Gereja Kayutangan is beautifully built, completed with the style of European architecture.

Gereja Kayutangan 3

This is my favorite one. I took it through my right motorcycle mirror. Nice! isn't it? Hehe...

Unfortunately, I have no architectural background, so I'm not in the place to say a thing on it. Hope you can enjoy it.

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mova nugraha said...

wah apik idenya di photo dari kaca spion good idea

dee-nesia said...

Lha ngambilnya cuman pake K510i, kalau ga dibuat aneh, kan ya sama saja toh

Pauls said...

cool, i like it....


S-H-Y said...

It`S really nice view