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Photos of Malang Cor Jesu Monastery

This is the Malang Ursuline's Monastery in 1910's.
Take a look at main building, it had two floors.
In 1947, during the first class action by the NICA,
the buliding was nearly vanished.
It was totally burnt down.

I took this picture on October 10, 2008.
Compare it to the previous picture,
and you can see that it only has one floor only.
It is now become the main building of SMAK Cor Jesu.

One side of the inside buildings in the Monastery.
It is now used as the Cor Jesu dormitory.
This is the Cor Jesu Chapel.
Actually it is only a chapel belong to the Monastery,
but later on, it is also used as the 'church.'
The Cor Jesu Junior High School yard.
As a part of Ursuline Monastery,
the Cor Jesu Junior High School is located at
the right side of the buildings.

This picture is taken a few weeks ago,
from inside of the monastery.
Take a look at those arches.
This is the Cor Jesu Church taken from
the Cor Jesu Vocational School Balcony.

Ursuline itself has some schools under its
control. From kindergarten to SMA/SMK.

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