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UNESCO Rescues Borobudur Temple After Merapi’s Eruption

Unesco keeps on assisting the Indonesian Ministry of Culture and Tourism in an attempt to rescue Borobudur Temple. The project is titled "Save the World Heritage Sites Borobudur - Emergency Operation to Save the Borobudur temple area of the damage Caused by Eruption of Merapi and the Revitalization of Public Life Through Local Cultural Industry and Tourism World Heritage".

Borobudur - UNESCOIt was stated in a press release signed by the Director of UNESCO in Jakarta, Hubert Gijzen via email. He states that the purpose of this project is to protect the area of Borobudur Temple and to strengthen and promote local community after the eruption of Merapi.

A tree planting activity had been held at Borobudur archaeological park. Hubert Gijzen says it helps rehabilitation Borobudur after the eruption of Merapi by a grant of three million dollars for the cleaning process from the ashes of volcanic on the temple up to the economic recovery of the surrounding community.
"Mr. Hubert Gijzen didn’t say that UNESCO provided $3 million as mentioned by some previous media," according to a press release clarifying that the written statement in several media.

Furthermore, the press release stated that the position of UNESCO is to coordinate the emergency operation to assist in rescuing Borobudur. The  Indonesian Ministry of Culture and Tourism is as well as to coordinate and raise funds together with the "Friends of Borobudur". It is through close consultation with the ministry, Indonesian National Commission for Unesco, and PT Taman Wisata Candi Borobudur, Prambanan, and Ratu Boko.

Unesco has received $73 thousand from several partners and further commitments have been made by the international community. But there are still major shortcomings in the budget required. Therefore, UNESCO is still negotiating with other donors and international community.

"So it is clear that we still need contributions from donors for the rehabilitation of the temple and increase local people's lives. To meet the above goals, UNESCO is still trying to coordinate the funds needed," writes the press release.

UNESCO opens the opportunity for anyone who wants to donate in protecting the Borobudur temple via the website

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