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Aula SKODAM V Brawijaya Malang

Aula SKODAM Brawijaya Malang

Aula SKODAM V Brawijaya is a building on the northwest of Alun-alun Malang. It is actually belonged to KODAM V Brawijaya. The building itself is now often rented by the owner to hold wedding party, workshop, seminar, and exhibition.

Aula SKODAM V Brawijaya has a very strategic place. It is located at the very heart of Malang. You can go there using almost any available public transportation. It is also comfortable to reach it by foot. The Alun-alun Malang in front of the Aula itself has been one of the most visited tourism spot in Malang. If you stay at Tugu Hotel Malang, probably you can see it from your window. Or if you visit Malang by train, I bet you will pass it once you step out side the Malang Kota Baru train station.

Aula SKODAM V Brawijaya Malang Rating: 4.5 Diposkan Oleh: YUDI ESTHER