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Malang Worth Visit Place: Coban Pelangi Waterfall

Coban Pelangi

Beside Coban Rondo waterfall, Malang also has many other famous waterfalls. One of them is Coban Pelangi waterfall. Compared to Coban Rondo, the Coban Pelangi will give you a different experience. It is very natural. Beside the concrete bridge about 100 meters from the waterfall, you’ll find no other ‘modern’ thing. Need to hideaway from your daily routine? This is a great place, since your cell phone will not receive any signal to receive any calls or sms. You’ll be totally separated from your ‘world’ and get yourself into your very nature situation. There will be only you and the earth.

How to go to Coban Pelangi from Malang?

There are some alternatives you can take to get there. First, is using cheap public vehicle. People call it ‘mikrolet.’ But be careful with the rate, once the driver knows that you are a foreigner you’ll have to pay more expensive than the regular rate. Beside that, I don’t think it is safe enough for you to use it. Ask your local guide to get you here safely. Second, you can use taxi service. It is a little bit more expensive, but no wonder that you’ll have your trip more comfortable. Third, you can use ‘ojek' service. Ojek means a person who will take you to your destination by using a motorcycle. Ask your local guide for the best service. You should consider to give this tourism spot in Malang a try.

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