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Garuda Indonesia Adding 7 New Flight Routes

As the biggest Indonesian flight service, Garuda Indonesia will add at least seven new international flight routes. These new flight routes include Amsterdam – on June 2010, after that the Brisbane and Taipei. In 2011, Garuda Indonesia will continue to establish the flight routes to London, Paris, Rome, and Frankfurt.

Garuda Indonesia Boeing 747 This new flight route establishment is being done as a respond to the high demand from customers to fly to cities in Europe. Today, Garuda Indonesia has 24 international flight routes, spread from South Asia, Australia, China, Japan, Korea, and Middle East.

Garuda Indonesia is also giving 50 domestic flight routes. Garuda Indonesia uses 67 planes to service both international and domestic flights, from Boeing 747-400, Boeing 737-500, Boeing 737-800 Next Generation, Airbus 330-200, dan Airbus 330-300. If you want to visit Malang, you can fly with Garuda Indonesia. Enjoy your flight.

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