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Inside Gereja Cathedral Ijen Malang Photos

For anyone who has ever lived in Malang, Gereja Ijen must has a special place in their heart. Gereja Ijen is the Cathedral of Malang Diocese. I do hope that these photos will help you to call your past.
These photos were taken from inside the Church. As one of my friend were having the marriage blessing. Unfortunately, the camera didn’t catch enough light, as you can see, some of the photos are blurred, and have too much noise on the grey area. But I believe that these poor photos are enough to pull the trigger of your memories.
Inside Malang Cathedral 9 Inside Malang Cathedral 1 Inside Malang Cathedral 2 Inside Malang Cathedral 3 Inside Malang Cathedral 4 Inside Malang Cathedral 5 Inside Malang Cathedral 6 Inside Malang Cathedral 8Inside Malang Cathedral 7

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