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(Bendungan) Selorejo River Dam Photos

Bendungan Selorejo (Selorejo River Dam) is located in Selorejo Village, Ngantang, Malang. It is damming Konto river, one of Brantas’s anak sungai, about 50 km to the west from Malang. On the upper course of the Selorejo Rever Dam there is a smaller Dam, named Tokol Dam. This small dam is built to intercept and retain the sediment. While on the lower course there is Mendalan or Sekuli pool. This pool is also functioning as a Water Electricity Generator (23 mW).Selorejo Dam 2

Here are some data of the dam:

  • Maximum Capacity   : 62.300.000 m³  (in 1970)
                                                 44.019.00 m3 (in 2003)
  • Effective Capacity      : 54.600.000 m³ (in 1970)
                                                 41.510.000 m3 (in 2003)
  • Water Covered Area : 4,00 km²
  • Irrigated Area             : 236 km²
  • Normal water level   : El. 622,00 m
  • Low water level          : El. 598,00 m

 Selorejo Dam 3 Mujair Seller Selorejo Aq di Kebun Jambu Selorejo Selorejo Dam Guava Garden 1


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