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Malang Kanjuruhan Stadium

The Kanjuruhan Stadium Gate
The main purpose of Malang Kanjuruhan Stadium is as a foot ball playing ground. The Kanjuruhan Stadium is actually the second stadium, after Gajayana Stadium. Based on the Malang’s development plan, Kepanjen is going to be capital city of Kabupaten Malang, while Malang will be the place for the government of Kota Madya Malang. That is the reason why this stadium is located in Kepanjen, about 30 km to the south of Malang.
Arema Malang uses this stadium as its base camp. Built in 2004, the stadium has 50,000 seats. Kanjuruhan Stadium is now known as one of the most representative stadium in Malang.
Kanjuruhan Stadium
I have never been watched football match lively in this stadium. But from the pictures on it which are shown on TV and papers, I’m proud enough to be a Malangese. The Kanjuruhan Stadium picture above is taken via Google Earth. Seems like it is already out dated. I have no exact clue when Google took the picture.

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Great football

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sayangnya arema harus takluk 5-0 dari persipura di stadion ini